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Deviants incite violence and Islamophobes monger fear by misquoting the Quran. The result is division, confusion, anger, and a global rise of Islamophobia. In order for us to practically implement the Quran in a manner that allows us to serve Allah and reach out to those around us, we require a deep, balanced, and thorough understanding of the Quran in relation to the contemporary world.


See the Quran through the eyes of the companions. Because Quran Journey is a chronological study of the Quran in the order that it was revealed, you can join them on their journey as they discover the Quran ayah by ayah.  We answer: why, when and where is this ayah revealed? How was it perceived and implemented by those who heard it? We explore the historical and textual contexts, imagery, literary phenomena, linguistic subtleties, and the art of transitions across the Quran.


You can physically attend the classes at McMaster University on Sunday mornings from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM or online at your convenience. Notes, presentation slides, virtual discussions, and quizzes available through our online portal allow you to track your progress, interact with others on the journey, and replenish your motivation.

Quran Journey aims to provide an understanding of the Quran that allows you to cultivate inner serenity and Islamically-guided critical thinking. By the end of the journey, you will be able to take on the most difficult questions, doubts, and challenges facing the Muslims of today. Those who excel and complete the Quran Journey will receive certification and Ijazah going back to the Prophet ﷺ himself.


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