The Instructor

“The Quran changed my life” – Imam Hosam Helal

Imam Hosam Helal currently serves as an Associate Chaplain at the University of Brock and an Imam/Teacher at several Masajid in Ontario. He previously served as the Imam and Education Director at the Muslim Association of Hamilton, the Islamic Program Coordinator and teacher at the Islamic Society of North America High Schools, and a member of the board of directors of Mishka Social Services. He has served as an Imam, Khateeb, and instructor for 10 years at several Masajid and Universities throughout Canada and the United States including the Toronto Islamic Centre, the Adelaide Masjid, and the Downtown Toronto Masjid.

Imam Hosam completed his education in Health & Disease, Near & Middle Eastern Civilization, Sociology, and Neuroscience at the University of Toronto. Now he continues his schooling at the University of Toronto, hoping to complete a PhD in Religion, with a focus on Quran exegesis. He also completed his Islamic education in Quran exegesis and studied under the guidance of several Shyookh including his father, Shaykh Ibrahim Helal, an instructor at Al-Azhar. Imam Hosam Helal is also pursuing a career in medicine, hoping to combine medical and religious service for his community.

By the blessing of Allah SWT and with the help of his mother, Shaykh Hosam Helal memorized the Quran at the age of eight and has since received several Ijazahs in its various recitation styles. Currently, he is working on his Ijazahs in the ten Riwayat or recitation variants.

After realizing that the Muslim community needs more spiritual care than medical care, Imam Hosam put his medical studies and research on hold and focused on Islamic education, youth development, and capacity building. As the founder and instructor of Quran Journey, he travels across the world with the intentions of helping Muslims reconnect deeply with the Quran. Imam Hosam Helal is also now back to pursue a career in medicine, hoping to combine medical and religious service for his community. He requests your du’aa.

He currently resides in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with his wife and family. Imam Hosam Helal loves soccer/football, horseback riding, videography, sushi, swimming, programming.