The Journey

Phase 1


The Quran Journey is a 3-4 year Ijazah and diploma-based program designed to empower you with the knowledge required to develop a deeper connection with the Quran on four levels: understanding, recitation, memorization, and implementation. Classes run weekly every Sunday morning from 9AM to 12:00 noon at McMaster University. You can join the journey at any time! Feel free to watch all lectures and complete the quizzes at your own pace online.


We start our journey with the Prophet ﷺ in the cave of Hiraa, how did he get here? What is he looking for? Why him?

We start with the first encounter with Angel Gabriel and delve deep into the revelation of the Quran. We study the entire life of the Prophet ﷺ while simultaneously studying the Quran. Through Quran Journey, we take the Quran word by word, Ayah by Ayah, Surah by Surah, chronologically, and answer the following questions:

  • Linguistically, what are the various meanings of the words in every Ayah? What are the implications of the word choice?
  • Where and when was the Ayah or Surah revealed?
  • To whom is it speaking? Is it linked to a situation, story, or responding to a specific incident in the life of the Prophet ﷺ and his companions? What’s the sociopolitical context behind it?
  • What are the common themes in the Surah? How does it relate to the Suwar before and the Suwar after?
  • How do we tie the Surah and its various sections together and understand the transitions within and across the Ayaat?
  • How did the companions understand and implement the Ayah/Surah? What questions did they have? How were they answered?
  • How is all of this relevant to me, living in this current day and age? How can we understand and implement all of this today?
  • Given our understanding, how do we extrapolate the gems and wisdoms to my current environment?
  • What lessons can we use from the Surah to address my current challenges and questions?


Phase  2



  • Through Quran Journey seminars we will delve into the art of reciting the Quran and the sciences of recitation, both theoretically and practically. In this phase we discuss the etiquette of recitation and delve deeply into the intricacies of Tajweed. After a year in the program, you will have access to a Tajweed software that will help you improve your pronunciation, enunciation, recitation flow, and your overall performance. When you reach a high level of accuracy {90%}, you will be connected with an instructor that will help you fine-tune your recitation and receive your Ijazah in Jazariyyah and Hafs.


Phase  3


Students always ask: what is the best way to memorize the Quran? If you are looking for memorization that leaves real impact, then the answer is understanding the Quran. This is why we start our journey with revelation. When you can deeply relate to the Ayat, then you become motivated to not only memorize them, but to implement them as well.  In this phase, you will have access to exclusive interviews with contemporary scholars who have  memorized the Quran and mastered its sciences, locally and abroad. You will learn from their experiences and create attainable and personalized goals to aid in your Quran memorization. After a year of QJ, you will then be able to use the audio software to practice your memorization and create a schedule for yourself to complete the memorization of the Quran.  


Phase  4

Practical Implementation

We finish off QJ with seminars summarizing the Quran’s themes and unifying messages. We look at the moral, social, societal, and religious frameworks presented in the Quran. We analyze lives that were changed by the Quran: the companions, their students, and the great Imams.

  • How did they implement the Quran in light of the teachings of the Prophet ﷺ?
  • How can we boldly and sincerely convey the message of the Quran practically?
  • What is the Quran’s model of reaching out locally, nationally, and globally?

Students finish QJ by conducting a group project aimed at reaching out to the larger community – inspired by an Ayah or a Surah of the Quran. The idea here is that knowledge breeds action! Early on in this journey, you will be inspired to do good, in sha Allah. Therefore, we finish off with a practical project and ask Allah to bless the fruits of our knowledge. At this stage, students with good standing will receive Ijazah to teach the Quran Journey curriculum and a diploma in Quranic Sciences.