1. Enhanced Technology
Using video and audio recognition tools to enhance Quran learning and memorization

2. Ijazah-based diploma
Empowering students to not only learn the Quran, but become licensed to teach its sciences and the QJ curriculum

3. Sponsoring Quran initiatives
Investing in Quran competitions, academies, conferences, and initiatives locally and abroad

4. Quran in Action
Reaching out to the broader community based on Islamic values, ethics, and the Quran’s moral framework

5. Interfaith
Engaging in interfaith discussions and collaborations with the Quran as the grounding base

6. Media
Using creative media to easily present the Quranic message

7. Curriculum Development
Developing a structured age-appropriate Quran learning curriculum for Islamic schools, Masajid, and institutions

8. Seminars
Educational seminars and classes hosted at various academic institutions that allow for better understanding of the Quran and its sciences